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Negative Insight - Package Deal 2

Negative Insight #3 + Ripping Thrasher #31

Steve of Ripping Thrash zine was kind enough to put this special retrospective issue together to be sold exclusively with Negative Insight #3. Steve is truly one of the greatest of all time, and Ripping Thrash zine has been going since 1986 and still continues to this day in the Network of Friends tradition.

This compilation issue features 32 pages of the best of the early years of Ripping Thrash zine including interviews with UK/Euro thrash with Concrete Sox, Dr. & The Crippens, Lärm, Atavistic, Heavy Discipline, Electro Hippies, Seein' Red, along with other art, old flyers, and more!

In an era where zines do not get the respect or interest that they once did, Ripping Thrash continues to be a vital and well done piece of DIY hardcore punk culture.

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