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Chaos U.K. - "Stunned To Silence" tape

Musical Tragedies Records

This is an officially released tape put out by MT (Musical Tragedies) Records from Germany (part of Empty Records) in 1986. Many of these tape releases, including this Chaos UK tape, were licensed from Manic Tapes out of Bristol England, which was the precursor to the Manic Ears label.

Chaos UK recorded this live rehearsal tape in 1986. The insert states it was recorded after they hadn't practiced for quite a while, but they are still all played with precision. Most of the songs on here are from "Short Sharp Shock" and the first two 7"s. While it is a rehearsal tape, it's still good quality and worth repeated listens. All instruments are individually audible, and the recording is not blown out. It is a good mix of songs from their releases up to that point, and the different variations of these tracks will surely be of interest to any Chaos UK fan.

The B side is a live soundboard recording taken from their show in Tokyo on November 11th, 1985. It's got similar sound quality to the live tracks on the "Just Mere Slaves" LP which were taken from their show in Osaka on the same tour. There are 15 songs played during the live set including all their hits plus some stage banter.