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Disclose/Wind of Pain split tape

Abnormal Tapes

Imported from the country of Slovenia, this tape was released by the eclectic DIY tape label Abnormal Tapes. It is an official release, authorized by both bands, and was done in a very limited run of 200 hand numbered tapes in 1998. All copies for sale here are from that original printing and come with inserts printed on yellow paper.

To me, Disclose was at their absolute best on their side of this tape which was recorded live at Kochi-city, Japan on 4/11/1998. The recording captures their sound and power with a perfect mix of rawness and energy and is one of my absolute favorite Disclose recordings. Containing many of their best tracks that had been written through 1998 (most containing the word "war" somewhere in the title). I can't heap enough praise on this recording. Wind Of Pain is good too, coming from Finland and sharing members with Força Macabra. They play crusty punk with a Discharge influence.