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Disclose "Collection '96-'98" tape

Abnormal Tapes

From Japan. "Includes material from 7''-es, compilations, demos! Classic raw d-beat punk!" -Matjaz/Abnormal Tapes

Long before the Disclose collection CDs came this tape on the Abnormal Tapes label from the Eastern European country of Slovenia. Released in a very strictly limited run of 200 hand numbered copies, this release compiles Disclose recordings from 1996-1998. That includes Disclose tracks from their split with Squandered on Dan Doh Records, the "Total Dis-Lickers Demo 1998", "4 Track E.P." on Overthrow Records, Mind Control Records comp track, Sludge Records comp track, Dan Doh Records comp track, "No More Pain" LP bonus tracks on Your Own Jailer Records, "The Aspects Of War" tracks on Chaos Of Destruction Records, 10" EP tracks on FFT, and comp tracks from Chaos Of Destruction comp. That totals 33 songs on a 90 min tape with a pink insert. All copies for sale are official and authorized by the band, and this is *not* a bootleg release.